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uPVC Tilt & Turn Windows in Cornwall

Tilt and Turn Windows are versatile and easy to clean.  The offer an aesthetic and practical option. 

Available in a number of different style options, all allowing larger opening areas which can be used for fire escape openings.

Tilt and turn windows are opening in sashes which can be operated in two ways, the top of the the sash can be tilted inwards with restrictors (hinged on bottom) or for the sash to open fully inwards (hinged on side) for access and easy cleaning.

The benefits of Tilt & Turn Windows -

  • Extensive choice of designs
  • Available in white or a variety of foiled finishes, woodgrain or solid colours
  • Range of handle colours
  • Wide range of glass designs, from leaded to Georgian bars
  • Perimeter gearing with multipoint lock around sashes.

Typical Styles for Tilt and Turn Windows

typical styles tilt turn windows

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